Why hello...

You’ve stumbled upon (or perhaps visited on purpose) the internet home of these two smiling fools...Dykes On Mics.  AKA Leah “close your mouth” Dubie and Amy “close your shirt” Beckerman.  

I hate my job even more than I ever hated going to school. When I go to work, it feels like I'm being suffocated by all the people running to me with their problems. I became a supervisor in an office, and I overlook 20 people. I thought I would love being a supervisor, and I even thought that it would give me a lot of free perks, which I wouldn't get in any other position in the office. I'm always filing fake forms for people at work, as it's part of my job. I'm also the one who gets to hear all the excuses.
If someone has to miss work, they come to me with their excuse, and I have to get the fraud doctors note, in order for them to miss a day of work. I should know the process very well, because almost every week, someone is trying to call out from work. Well, I think it's time that I call out from work as well, because I'm really getting burnt out. Here is an example of how my job stinks. I answer to the owner of the company, and I have the highest position in the company, next to the owner.
If there are any problems at all, I have to go to the owner, and one day we had a big problem. An employee called out of work, but unfortunately, they had some important papers that had to be turned in the same day. The employee claimed that they were too sick to come in with the paperwork, and this forced me to have to go to their home, in order to collect the slip from a phoney dr. I was very upset about this, but I couldn't punish the person for being sick. I was ready to take some time off, but I didn't have any more vacation or sick time.
Even as a supervisor, I need time to myself. I decided that I was going to turn in a fake doctors note, just so I could miss a couple days of work, and hopefully I would recuperate over the weekend. I looked online about  fake doctors document, and I was able to find one template that looked like it would work fine. After I printed off the phoney doctors form, then I decided to call out from work. The owner is who I have to call to excuse me from work.
The owner told me he felt bad that I was not feeling well, and he just said that I needed to turn in a scam doctors note when I came back to work. I took Thursday and Friday off, plus I had the entire weekend, so I could recuperate, and finally get some rest.

It's really fun to have some time with your friends or family once in a while. It's not good to use up all your energy at work. This would drain you out and lose happiness. At the, it's them that you can share with laughter or tears and not your job. Therefore, it's acceptable to leave work using a blank doctors note that you can give to your employer and take the best of your time with your loved ones.



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    Photo by Anya Garrett